Meeting Schedule

February 14

09:00–09:35  Obase
 Nanoscale depth profiling of solar wind helium on Itokawa particle
09:35–10:10  Otsuki
 Coronal Mass Ejection 4He and 20Ne Recorded in Ilmenite Grain from Lunar Soil 71501
10:10–10:45  Nakajima
 Decomposition Kinetics of Magnesite: Implication for the Surface Thermal History of Ryugu
10:45–11:20  Wada
 Imaging of solar wind helium in the Fe-Ni metal and metal hydroxide from Northwest Africa 801

16:00-16:35  Bajo 
 Development of electrostatic-induced charge detector for multiturn time-of-flight mass spectrometer
16:35-17:10  Busemann 
 Noble Gases in Insoluble Organic Matter: Ryugu, Recently Examined Meteorites and Terrestrial Effects
17:10-17:45  Sakurai 
 Kinetic Study on Crystallization of FeO-bearing Amorphous Silicate in Protoplanetary Disks
17:45-18:20  Tsuruoka 
 Effect of Recondensation of Evaporated Species on Type B CAI Formation: Experimental Study

February 15

09:00-09:35  Inada 
 Evaporation of Forsterite in the Presence of Water Vapor
09:35-10:10  Kita
 Timing of Chondrule Formation in the Protoplanetary Disk
10:10-10:45  Kawasaki 
 Al-Mg chronology of high-temperature condensate minerals in a fine-grained, Ca-Al-rich inclusion from CV chondrite
10:45-11:20  Takigawa 
 Dust Condensation in Radio Frequency Induction Thermal Plasma

Poster session (11:20–12:20)
 Enomoto Chemical Composition of Amorphous Silicate Dust around Oxygen-rich AGB stars
 Kobayashi Crystallization/Phase Transition Kinetics of Presolar Alumina Dust in the Protosolar Disk
 Nakamoto A Chondrule Formation Scenario by Lightning
 Tachibana More Ryugu particles outside the Hayabusa2 Sample Container

17:00-18:00  Yurimoto [Invited Lecture] 
 Evidence from CAI Anatomy and CAI Formation Requirements for Solar Nebula

February 16

09:00-09:35  Ochiai 
 Monte Carlo Simulation of Photochemical Synthesis of Amino Acids in a Protoplanetary Disk
09:35-10:10  Orthous-Daunay 
 Going Further with Polymerization Patterns in Complex Mixtures
10:10-10:45  Parker 
 Searching for Meteoritic Peptides
10:45-11:20  Oba
 Nucleobases in Carbonaceous Meteorites and Returned Samples from Asteroid (162173) Ryugu

16:00-16:35  Yamamoto 
 O-Isotopic Evolution of Amorphous Silicate Dust in the Protosolar Disk
16:35-17:10  Okamoto 
 Effect of Ice Sublimation and Condensation on Crystalline abundance of a Protoplanetary Disk
17:10-17:45  Ishizaki
 Prediction of Reaction Lines: 3D Monte Carlo Simulation of Dust Particles in Protoplanetary Disks
17:45-18:20  Tachibana 
 Dust Chemical Reactions in Accreting Protoplanetary Disks

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